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Can the courts force me to send my child to public school?

While some Virginia families are preparing to go back to school by meeting new teachers and attending school orientations, others are settling back into the familiar routine of school at home. While there are differing opinions on the subject of homeschooling, it is a choice that many Virginia families make. However, a divorce may take homeschooling the kids from a given to a matter decided by the family courts.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced

Couples who are able to stay as amicable as possible during the divorce process may find it easier and quicker to get things settled, as fighting over every bit or property or issue takes a lot of time in the courts and a great deal of emotional energy. Country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert experienced firsthand how quickly a divorce can be settled when there's no battle over the assets.

What happens if child support payments aren't made?

When a parent who has been ordered by the courts to pay child support doesn't keep up with the payments, it can negatively affect the child's quality of life. Child support is designed so that the child gets to maintain the quality of living that the family would have had if the parents would have stayed together. Despite this, there are some parents who balk at having to pay child support. There are also those who have lost their jobs or suffered some other type of financial setback that has kept them from keeping up with their payments.

Father's rights: Objecting to an adoption

Although much attention is given to so-called "dead beat" dads in the media, there are also those who never had the opportunity to establish a relationship with their children because they didn't know about them. It is possible for a single woman to get pregnant and give the child up for adoption without ever notifying the father, and by the time the man is aware that he has a child, it may be too late.

What should I do if my ex is abusing drugs?

Whether or not they intend for it to, a parent's substance abuse issue almost always takes a toll on the child. This is especially true in cases where the addicted parent has sole custody or there is a shared custody arrangement.

It's difficult for someone abusing alcohol or drugs to provide the care, attention and stability that children need. Substance abuse often causes widespread communication issues in the household, which can lead to angry outbursts or a generally chaotic emotional environment for the child.

Child support deviations

While most divorces involving children also involve child support, many people aren't clear on how child support is determined or why the ordered amount may be different than what would normally be ordered. Understanding how child support is determined and why a deviation may occur can help you be better prepared for what to expect and know whether you have grounds to request a deviation.

Does a stepparent's income impact child support?

If you have to pay child support in Virginia, a big part of how much you pay just comes back to how much you make. The numbers aren't going to be the same for someone making $20,000 a year as they will be for someone making $200,000 per year. However, what if you remarry? Does the stepparent's income then count as your income, as a household?

Choosing a divorce attorney is an important decision

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the health and emotional effects of going through a divorce. When you are going through a divorce, minimizing the stress is vital. Knowing what to expect and having someone on your side to guide you through the process can often make going through a divorce easier.

Fathers' rights regarding unborn babies vary greatly

We have often discussed fathers' rights and how they pertain to children who are already born. Some of our readers might be wondering what rights fathers have if the baby hasn't yet been born. The answer to that isn't all that simple.

Generally, while the woman is pregnant, her wishes are followed. It would usually be up to her to decide if the father of the baby can participate in prenatal care and appointments. If there is a disagreement between the mother and father, the mother's choice is usually the one that is respected.


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