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When Family Law Crosses Borders

When a divorce or any other family law case crosses borders, it gets more complex. Within the country, laws vary from state to state. Outside of the country, there are often unique rules that need to be followed in order to succeed, depending on the nature of the case. The experienced attorneys of the Nova Family Law Group are dedicated to helping you get positive results, no matter what borders are crossed along the way.

Interstate Custody Lawyers

During or after a divorce, relocation to another state is not uncommon. When one parent wants to move out of state with his or her child while the other parent remains in Virginia, a specific process must be followed. The parent who intends to remain in Virginia has rights. He or she has the right to protect his or her relationship with the child. Whether you want to move away or you want to fight to keep your child in Virginia with you, our lawyers can help.

We know all applicable laws, including:

International Family Law Issues

The Hague Conference is frequently involved in international family law issues. With decades of experience, we know what it is and how it works. From addressing simple passport issues to offering guidance in cases in which a parent who is a foreign national wants to return home with his or her child, we are available to provide the guidance he or she needs.

We handle a significant number of military divorce cases. Many of these involve servicemen and women who are stationed overseas. Our attorneys are well versed in the unique issues that apply to active duty military personnel serving outside of the United States.

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