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Fairfax Divorce Lawyers Handling High-Conflict Cases

Some divorces proceed with little conflict, especially when the spouses agree on the basic parameters of the divorce agreement and no unusual issues are in play. At the other end of the spectrum are marriages where the spouses cannot agree on anything and major disputes have to be resolved at every step.

If you are considering ending your marriage and you anticipate a high-conflict divorce, it is imperative that you have an advocate on your side with a comprehensive knowledge of Virginia's divorce laws.

If the process of ending your marriage promises to be filled with stress and high emotion, selecting a family law firm with a compassionate staff and Fairfax child custody attorneys who can bring calm logic to bear during the even the most challenging conflicts can help to make the entire process more bearable.

If your divorce involves issues that are outside the norm, be sure that you seek an attorney with experience and knowledge specific to your unique situation.

Knowledgeable and Respected Attorneys

At the Nova Family Law Group, the attorneys in our family law practice use their substantial litigation and negotiating skills on behalf of clients in complex divorces and related disputes. We can help you navigate the court system or work with you to resove your disputes through mediation.

Our lawyers work as a team on our most complex cases, and we have extensive experience working with expert witnesses whenever necessary to strengthen our clients' position and improve their chances for a successful outcome.

Providing Comprehensive Services

Our attorneys have experience handling family law matters involving any type of issue, including:

Conflict arises after divorce decrees have been finalized, too. Our lawyers regularly work on divorce decree modification and enforcement actions.

Families With Specialized Needs

For some families, the divorce process is made more complicated by the family's unique circumstances. Nova Family Law Group regularly handles:

  • Military divorces, in which special consideration must be given to pension plans, visitation arrangements and allegations of fault.
  • Divorces among federal employees, where a special set of laws and regulations govern the division of federal employment retirement and other benefits between the employee spouse and the non-employee spouse.
  • Families with special needs children, where the divorce decree should attempt to predict and provide for all the child's current and future medical and educational needs.

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