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High Assets Make Divorces More Complicated

In no circumstances could the divorce process be referred to as simple. However, there are factors that can significantly increase its complexity. One of the most common is high assets. When one or both spouses have businesses or business interests, real estate holdings in Virginia or other states, large bank and investment accounts, high-end pensions and retirement accounts, collections of classic cars and other antiques, and other similarly valuable assets, it is extremely important to choose a lawyer with the experience to make certain that property division is handled appropriately.

Virginia Attorneys

Our attorneys bring decades of experience to divorce cases involving:

What assets are the most important to protect? We begin every case by learning about the specific needs of each client before we proceed through the four steps of property division. This includes the identification of assets and debts, classification, valuation and, ultimately, division of assets and debts in a fair and just manner. We can help you understand the financial impact of your divorce and help you resolve issues effectively.

Support From a Strong Law Firm

The Nova Family Law Group is a division of the well-regarded law firm of Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy PLC. This means that our clients benefit from direct representation from our experienced family law attorneys, but also have the support of a larger team of lawyers who practice in areas that may be particularly relevant in high-asset divorce cases such as estate planning, tax and business. Your case will get all the support it requires.

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