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Financial Support for Children

One of the basic principles of Virginia's divorce laws is that a parent's financial responsibility for a child does not end just because the parents decide to divorce. Some amount of monthly child support is almost always included in a Virginia divorce decree.

The attorneys at the Nova Family Law Group are frequently called upon to represent spouses in divorce cases where child support is expected to be an area of conflict. With decades of legal experience to offer, our lawyers are well equipped to provide smart and protective legal advocacy. Let us answer your questions about support and help y ou resolve your support disputes.

Calculations and Disputes

As in most states, child support amounts in Virginia are presumptively determined according to guideline child support tables adopted by the Virginia legislature. The child support guidelines consider such things as the parent's income and day care expenses.

Disputes about child support tend to arise in the following circumstances:

  • One parent disputes the other parent's reported income as too low
  • One parent charges that the other parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed
  • A child has special medical needs that the child support calculator does not account for
  • A parent has irregular income sources — such as bonuses, a cash-based business, self-employment or deferred compensation such as restricted stock grants or stock options — that need to be considered in the child support calculation

Through rigorous financial analysis and the use of forensic accountants when called for, our family law attorneys take every necessary step to make sure monthly child support payments are fair for our client and adequate for the children. We also know the importance of your child's future, and will work diligently to account for expenses down the road such as college tuition.

Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements Play a Role

An experienced divorce lawyer understands the importance of looking at every issue in relation to all other issues. For example, child support needs to take child custody and visitation arrangements into account. There are actually two primary child support formulas: one for sole custody situations and one for shared custody situations. We are familiar with all issues that need to be taken into consideration in order to resolve the case fairly.

Modifications, Enforcement and Unpaid Support

Our attorneys understand that circumstances change over time, and we can help you modify an existing support order to acconmodate that change. We also assist parents with enforcement of child support payments. This includes representing parents pursuing back child support and those who have been accused of not paying support.

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