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Many people expect there to be some sort of formula to calculate spousal support, more commonly known as alimony. They are often surprised to learn that, unlike child support, there is no formula for long-term spousal support. The law provides little guidance and grants judges a great deal of discretion in establishing the amount and duration of spousal support.

With decades of experience, the lawyers of the Nova Family Law Group are prepared to protect your interests when it comes to this unique aspect of your divorce settlement. We have experience going to trial when necessary, which we have found is common when the issue of spousal support is at the center of a dispute. Also, our attorneys have experience in addressing the issue of adultery, which can be a bar to spousal support.

The 13 Factors

While there is no formula when it comes to calculating spousal support, there are 13 factors that need to be considered. They are:

  1. The financial resources of each spouse, including all income, as well as each spouse's needs and obligations
  2. The standard of living during the marriage
  3. The length of the marriage
  4. Each spouse's age, as well as physical and mental condition
  5. Whether either spouse's age, physical and mental condition, or other special circumstances would prevent employment outside of the home
  6. How much each party contributed to the well-being of the family, monetarily and non-monetarily
  7. Each spouse's property
  8. How property will be divided in the divorce
  9. Each spouse's earning capacity, based on education, training and other factors, as well as current employment opportunities
  10. The ability of each spouse to get the education or training necessary to enhance earning ability
  11. How decisions made during the marriage about education, employment and parenting arrangements affect present and future earning potential
  12. Whether one spouse contributed to the other's education or career
  13. Tax consequences of spousal support and alimony

When you choose our attorneys, we will review your circumstances and learn about the relevance of each of these factors to your case. We will help you understand if and how much alimony makes sense, and we will pursue an outcome that allows you to build a new, stable future after your divorce is finalized.

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